Recharge your electric vehicle

There are six charging stations for electric vehicle in our parking. You can find them at the red parking, B1 sector.

How to use the service

To use the service you need to register at with your National Service Card, frame the QR Code on the charging station with your smartphone. You do not need to install any App.

If you are already registered on the portal, you can securely store your payment details for one-click access, make reservations and take advantage of preferential rates.

If you are a Carta Vantaggi holder, you will have the opportunity to enter your card number on the portal in the “profile” section and access preferential rates at all Iper La grande i recharge points (you only need to enter it the first time).

How to recharge:
    • Park your electric vehicle in the reserved park.
    • Scan the QR Code to access the charging service.
    • Follow the display instructions and select one of the free slot
    • Enter your credit card information and confirm pre-authorization.
    • Plug in your electric vehicle’s power cord and begin charging.
    • When charging is completed, you will be debited the cost. Save the data to make the one-click payment.

The charging operation lasts up to 120 minutes and does not require your presence; the charging status is visible on the display.

What are the costs?

The standard rate is €0.44; for Benefit Card holders the rate is €0.39.

Foravery necessity or information,you can contact the staff of Iper La Grande or call the number 02 87159168. More information here.


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