Shopping is useful: discover the services of Piazza Portello!

Scopri i servizi di Piazza Portello!

To save your time and always give you something more, we offer a lot of useful services.
You can find them in the streets of Piazza Portello and inside the hypermarket. Take advantage of them!

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1.200 parking spaces, indoor and free for the first 3 hours
6 charging stations for electric cars
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Bar and Restaurants
Choose between bars and restaurants for every taste
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ATM machines
so that you can withdraw cash for any eventuality
Iper Mobility
Recharge your electric vehicle
There are six charging stations for electric vehicle in our parking. You can find them at the red parking, B1 sector. To use the service all you need is your Carta Nazionale dei Servizi, or you can ask a temporary badge to the Iper reception desk.
Iper la Grande i
the ideal place to shop
An action that does not simply mean buying, because shopping is living. For this reason, our goal is to make quality accessible to everyone, considering the attention paid to you in every daily activity.
the love of beauty and things well done!
Lava & Cuce is the new chain of shops that offers services of:
– washing and ironing of shirts
– tailoring and fast repairs (hems, zipper replacements, mending etc.)
– dry and wet laundry
Tobacconist's and betting shop
Gratta e vinci, lotto, lottomatica, betting shops, resale, bets, cigarettes, sisal, tobacconist.
Jean Louis David
the hairdresser and your hair's ally
As a true visionary, Jean Louis David made a triumphal entry into the world of the most famous hairdressers of the 60s.
His undisputed talent quickly launched him to the top, thanks to techniques that are, even today, the basis of all hairstyles.
phototakeaway - Tacco&Chiavi
photography, shoe repairs and key duplication
PHOTOGRAPHY: developing and printing photos from both digital and analog, photographic processing, video transfer from various media, photo gifts, frames, photo books, photocalendars, photo accessories.
FOOTWEAR AND KEYS: key duplication, electronic keys, remote control duplication, shoe repair, sharpening knives and scissors, accessories for footwear, accessories for keys, batteries and straps for watches, stamps and plates.
Ca' Zampa
services for pet welfare
Divided into two different structures: Ca ‘Zampa Veterinary Clinic, for the care and health of pets, and Ca’ Zampa Grooming, an area completely dedicated to the care of the pet’s coat and skin.
Available to customers: independent entrance, convenient parking in front of the Center, home transport service, if it is not possible to come in person and dog parking.
Pet Food Store
a space dedicated to small pets
In Pet Food Store you can find: a wide choice of specialist products. Organic, holistic, natural, vegetarian, cruelty free, dietary, hypoallergenic foods. Parapharmaceutical, herbal and phytotherapeutic products. 100% natural and non-toxic games. A veterinarian available for practical advice and nutrition. Experienced staff always at your disposal. Request and order of products not in the assortment.
chemists and over-the-counter medications
Phytotherapeutic products and supplements, cosmetic products, health articles, nutrition, products for children, for hygiene, for body and hair care. Pet corner and 24h distributor.