LIBERO MILANO is an Italian business founded in Milan in 1989. The idea is to create an elegant but informal, well-made and comfortable men’s and women’s line, classic but always updated with an affordable price. A price that allows you to update every season your wardrobe with new items. The attention to detail, the accuracy in the choice of fabrics and the topicality of the models have brought more and more people to our stores, to our philosophy. Dresses in pure wool and biellesi fabrics, unstructured sports jackets, solid and patterned slim pants, double twisted or micro-patterned cotton shirts, cotton knitwear for summer and cashmere in winter. Accessories including: ties in tricot and silk, clutch, braces, cufflinks etc. For the women’s collection we offer the best of the current market.


Mon-Sun 9.00-21.00