Take your WEEE to the Eco-island!

The innovative collection point for the collection of small WEEE.

At Piazza Portello you can find the intelligent eco-island for the collection of small waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE.

The innovative collection point, hosted by Iper di Milano-Portello and managed by AMSA, was created as part of the European project RENEW to raise awareness and encourage the delivery of electronic waste.

Thanks to an intelligent collection system, the eco-island of Portello, dedicated exclusively to small WEEE (with maximum dimensions of 25 cm x 25 cm such as tablets, smartphones, mice, clock radios, smartwatches, electronic cigarettes, cables, chargers, electric toothbrushes, remote controls of all kinds, electric and electronic games, radios and many others) will allow people to hand over their waste on their own by means of tax identification. The sensors that the container is equipped with will also monitor the filling level and communicate to the company for environmental services the need for emptying once 75% of the capacity has been reached.

harvesting, but also recycling culture: the new eco-point will also host communication and dissemination initiatives – aimed at students and citizens – developed by Erion WEEE in collaboration with AMSA and aimed at promoting correct and virtuous behavior to encourage the increase in collection levels and thus ensure – thanks to recycling – the recovery and inclusion of secondary raw materials, including the Critical Raw Materials (CRM)in new production cycles.

What does the Ecoisland collect?
Smartphone and phone Tablet, Game console and joypad Smartwatch, Voice assistant, Camera and camcorder Hard disk, USB stick, Mp3 player, Sound speakers, Modem, Decoder, Electronic cigarette, Hair dryer/Straightener, Electric toothbrush, Iron, Blender, Drill/Screwdriver, Remote Control, Alarm Clock, Earphones, Toaster, Electric Toy, Charger.
PAY ATTENTION: the doors have a maximum opening of 25x25cm
How does it work?
To open the doors of the Ecoisola you need the Regional Service Card (health card). The doors are equipped with an intrusion detection system.
How to use the Ecoisland
Five simple steps to impart electronics and small appliances:
  1. Choose the waste window and press the button
  2. Strip the Regional Card of Services (health card), with the magnetic strip upwards
  3. Open the window
  4. Insert objects, after removing any batteries and batteries
  5. Close the window


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