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Ca’ Zampa

Centro Ca’Zampa Milano is a structure dedicated to the all-round well-being of pets.

Inside the Ca’ Zampa Veterinary Clinic there are veterinary clinics, a state-of-the-art surgical block, the laboratory for analyzes, a room for x-rays.

For cat owners there is also a space exclusively dedicated to their pets with a waiting area, a clinic and a reserved hospital area.

It is also possible to buy products, veterinary diets and parapharmaceuticals indicated by the veterinarian. Dog Parking services and home transport to and from the clinic are also available.

The Grooming Ca’Zampa offers services for the well-being and hygiene of the pet: from the bathroom, to the various types of coat cuts. Ozone baths, whirlpool baths, dermocosmetics and shampoo-therapy treatments are also available.

Mon-Sun 9.00-21.00


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